Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PPP Bans

I got 3 bans in my PPP account. I am headache how it's comes from. As a PPP postie, I write my post and advertiser will rate on my writing. Some advertiser will ban those posties where they don't like them to ever write for their ads because of certain reason. That's all I know since the bans exist. Who is the advertiser banning me? What is the reason I had deleted from their list? How to fix or maybe to a pleal? I had no idea because I can not see anything other than the Bans number.

Finally I find out what are my ban reasons after PPP latest upgrade. Yes, you may check yours in your PPP account as well. Let me share with you what is all about.

First ban - POOR WRITING. Yes. I do agree. I know my weakness. It's a buzz since the first day I started blogging as I wrote on my blog's description. LOL

Second ban - NO PAGEVIEWS AFTER 2 DAYS. This one comes one month after my first ban. I can not recap how my blog traffic is but I am sure my blog has some visitors all the while because I have little loyal reader. No page view is that means my post write for the particular advertiser not viewed or my blog no visitor for 2 days at the time? .... I am really no idea.

Third ban - USING BLOGGER. Get this on 23.05.07. Really make me big eyes. Hey man! This one I have a plea. You don't want Blogger user write for you then you should mention in your offer. Why ban me? What's wrong for me using Blogger? I am so headache about this. Majority of the advertiser don't like or even not accept blogger user. I do not really know what the actual problem is Is that because of linkage problems? I don't facing any linkage problem error here in my blog. If that's the problem, is it a known issue for Blogger? Then why they can not fix it? A problem can not be fixing? Anyone know about this can leave me a comment and give me a console. I hate this ban!

To protect the advertiser, I still don't know who is the one banning me. Can I a plea? LOL


Vedis Teh said...

Hi, Xilly,

Sorry to hear that..I have got 1 ban too. There is date there but there is no reason.

I think I know why I got that ban..;D
I wrote a post about Indian Matrimonial and I got itchy hand, I went to change my picture to this Shah Rukh Khan and rani Murkheeji's photo.

So, I think the advertiser got annoyed kua..;D

From the date, I could roughly guess lah..

Vedis Teh said...

So, PPP posties out there,

Noooo jokes !

Angie said...

I agree that an advertiser should take the time to outline exactly what they do and do not want in a paid post. If they prefer particular blog hosting platforms, or not, they should say so in the front end.