Friday, April 27, 2007

Too many paid post

Some one complaint to me that my blogs are too many paid post. Yes, I have to be honest. Along the way I am writing my blog, I do not cheating. I keep on repeat telling my visitors that I am working so hard on my blogs for the paid post.

My blogs' description already tell you that my blogs content. I am honest all the way. I need this side income to survive. However, I wrote non paid post as well. I will share some writing paid post experience. I do hope that if someone is interested, they can join the trend.

I enjoy blogging. Paid posts are some things really encourage me to continue writing. This is the true. I can fully understand that why you don like my blogs. It's ok. For me, I am really having fun here after start paid post. The more website I discover, the more topic I can share with my visitors. I will still continue my way. More non paid post? OK, I will reconsider and try my best to keep balance in between. :)


bokjae said...

I feel that way too! Wonder what my readers will think if there are too many paid posts! I guess it is better to add more posts in between the paid posts! Yes we must consider our readers' attraction to our blogs!

Michelle Wun said...

I will try to do that as well if not then will lost visitor lor. :lol: