Friday, April 27, 2007

New Company Problems

My boss started his new company last 2 months. We maintenance our regular customer and suppliers and continue dealing with them. We had already sent them the company change name notification but some of them were asking on the Form 13 to update our company records in their system. As we are starting new business, we were facing a bit problem here. We are actually a new company and no related to Form 13.

We are from business A moving to business B. Business A will be no longer operate. All the business customer and supplier are encouraged to deal with business B continuously. Some of the customers and suppliers will ask us to resubmit our company Form 9, Form 24 and Form 49. That's becomes my regular workflow to explain to our business partners and customers and to get all the documents well prepare.

But still, I found that some suppliers will group our trading in one account and send us one statement. So, I have to call them and explain our company new structure again and again....

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