Friday, April 27, 2007

Oversea Supplier

I had place an order to China at the beginning of the month. I make my payment on 12.04.07 by TT. I deal with this supplier by email. Normally it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get the goods arrived to my place.

I had kept asking on the delivery date since the very 1st email. Actually I had sent few emails to them asking about the delivery status but I get no reply. Yesterday only the person in-charged told me that they have not received the money.....

I don like this kind of late respond. I directly made an international call to them for more clarification. They said the money they didn't received and the goods are still in processing. What I can do if she said so? I had never received any calls from my panel bank regarding my TT failure. But still, I have to hang up my call and double check with my banker.

After checked with the bank and confirm them there is no problem with the TT, I call them again. They said they already got the money. (So fast) After that, when I tend to ask about the goods delivery date, they told me to wait another 3 days for the one shot delivery because still have one outstanding item is under processing.

I have no choice. I am wonder is that because of the delay of processing the items and they not dare to inform the customer so they keep on no respond all the way. OK. I had learned a good experience here. I will call them directly rather than wait for their email reply for the next deal.

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