Saturday, April 28, 2007


How will you define this kind of customer?

He comes to our shop looking to buy a item. We confirm the part number and give him a quote. He claims that our price quoted is more expensive than ABC Company. Fine, if you can get cheaper, then you can look for them. The customer goes.

The next day, the same customer comes again. He pretend himself never came before and asking the same thing for quote again. (I am sure that he is sure no body will recognize him but he is wrong.) So, the same price we sell to him.

I don like this kind of customer. What I mean is, that are your right to compare the price anywhere. Every one wants to get lowest price of the item to save their pocket money. Me too and I can fully understand. But you better be honest and ask me for the same price that I quoted yesterday rather than pretend to be a fresh / new customer to us. Shame on you.


bokjae said...

Oh well xilly, there are all sorts of people/customers in this world! It is a game they play!

Michelle Wun said...

Hi bokjae, thanks for your comment!