Thursday, April 12, 2007

Post has been Rejected

I received an e-mail from PPP regarding my post has been rejected and I will get paid for that:

" Hey Michelle! Thanks for your post! Unfortunately, your post cannot be approved because your blog must have a focus on one of the topics selected by the advertiser. Thanks! SG "

PPP recently just chance their rules that we only can change our blog categories every 30 days. When the time I do my update, I don't realize about this post I was taken. Yes. The post that we taken we have to wait for 30 days to get paid. So, here I get the punishment. Damn it!

I hate this! Not about the money matter! I write what I like; I write for my own interest; I write because I feel that it is worth to share with my visitors; but you are now just knocking out my effort!

Dear valued visitors, shall I pull down the post?

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