Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snow White

What's your favorite book when you were a kid or teenager? No surprise, I think every kids will like the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Haha, I love this story very much. Especially the story ending: the prince and the princess fall in love, marriage and enjoy their blessed life forever. And the story bring in to my mind that to find a prince in my life. :) Of course now I married with my prince. And I do hope that we can keep our relationship lasting forever.

Now, I am sharing the story to my 2 little princesses. I do hope that they can find a prince to protect them in their life as well. :D

Yes. I believe in love. I do agree that there will be true love forever. Some more, the story also come out a point. I believe that if you are a nice person, you can be treated nicer. Don't ever give up yourself with you are fall in problems. There will be someway or someone out there will help. I do believe this.

Do you agreed with me?

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Who are in?
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