Monday, April 23, 2007

EZ Cash For Notes

There are many ways to get money for your emergency needs now a day. You can apply a mortgage loan; get OD from banker by grant your property. You can apply a credit card for cash advance with the conditions of your credit cards have sufficient credit limit. You can apply for personal loan from banker without granting any things as long as you have good records on your credit cards monthly repayment. Other than that, if your company needs funds for business cash flow, you can go for SME, CGC loans.

I am not sure this is the new business trend but I just discover this. You can get money by granting your notes. What kind of notes can grant for cash? The site is refers to those legal agreement of selling of property, selling a business, land contracts, structure settlement and etc. This is very new to me. Visit their site for more details if you are interested about Ez cash for Notes.


Miss Positive said...

Hi Michelle! Can you give me the link to the tag? I couldn't find it!

Michelle Wun said...

Ophs, sorry. I should give you when I tagged you. :P