Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Last Post

Bokjae tagged me for this. This one is pretty serious post. But still, I want to thank you for giving me a chance to write about this.

Actually I am always thinking about this. Hahahaa, I am a chicken. It's maybe because my mother passed away early when I was still young or maybe because I suffered pleural effusion before. So, I will always encourage myself to be well prepare for it. I don want to waste my times for nothing.

I always tell my two little princesses and my beloved king that I love them very much. I don want to wait under the end of my day then only tell them about this. I always well prepare to face my end of the day because I already make up my mind how my 'property' and 'belongings' will go for just waiting the money to write up a will.

And now, I am working so hard to settle down all my debts so that my leaving will not be a burden to my hubby. It's a realistic world. No money no talks. So, life insurance will be helpful tools as well.

So, since I am well prepare. What will be in my last post? It will be a thankful post. Thank you for all the people in my life who make up my life profile. For every one who pass by, every one who support me, helping me, leading me, loving me. Thank you very very much from my heart to you all. For every one I love and love me: no need to remember me but I will always on your side for every support you need. Because I always believe that even my mother passed away but she is always by my side. :)

I like to tag lovely mummy and msau. Hope that you will find a comfortable way to write on it.

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