Friday, April 20, 2007

Get Paid for Blogging

Still, I am working on it. I enjoy making money by blogging very much. I get started written paid post 3 months ago. At the 1st I am not dare to try because I am have no confident on the internet security. But now, I am proving that I make a right decision. Yes, I need side income to survive because my salary now can not cover my expenses after cut paid. This is another choice for me as a working mom to earn extra money. Blog the one I like, get paid for blogging. Just sit in front on the computer and I can earn.

This is a new trend for all the online company as well. Promote their company by signing up to Blog advertising company and let the blogger spread out the word and get their company well known. This is the power of internet.

If you haven't get start, maybe you can consider on blog for money. If you are already join to some blog advertiser and writing paid post, Smorty is another Blog Advertiser company provides advertise on blogs service.


bokjae said...

hi xilly, I have tagged you on 'My Last Post' tks!

Michelle Wun said...

Thanks bokjae. I will write on it.