Friday, March 16, 2007

What's in my bag?

This is tagged by lovely mummy. Every time I looking around to others friends blog, I am looking for someone can tag me so that I can join the train too. :P Finally, I got one. (Actually I got one from msau before. But the one I have no much idea to start on it. Later maybe. sorry. :P)

This one is easy and funny too. These are all in my bag:
~ Wallet with I/C + money (Of course lah, if not how to go out and survive?)
~ Tissue paper (This one for personal hygiene)
~ Handphone (If I forgot to take it along, for sure my hubby will scold me.)
~ A pen (Just in case anything to fill up or job down)
~ House Keys (This one if I go out with my hubby, I won take it along. :P)

That's all. Now, who next:



shoppingmum said...

Ok, I'll work on it. Got the same tag from other blogger too :)

Michelle Wun said...

You are so famous!