Thursday, March 15, 2007

1st Withdrawal From Paypal

I have done my 1st withdrawal from Paypal. It's my 1st trial. To be safe, I withdraw $100. I deal with a Malay lady through Yahoo! Messenger. The money transfers into my bank account within 5 minutes. I get exchange rate of 3.25. I get RM325 with no extra charges.

People who are not in trust with online business will query is that true to get paid by blogging. See, I got my.
People who are still worry about whether you can get the money safely into your pocket. See, I get it and already finish it. **Muahahahaaa
So why still worry? I am a good example. Join me. Let's get start and blog for money!


Lovely Mummy said...

congratulation that u got ur $$$ from Paypal....btw, I've tagged u, pls check on my blog :-)

Michelle Wun said...

Thank you for your visit. Please stay tuned.