Friday, March 16, 2007

Join Our Blogroll

Anybody out there would like to join our blogroll? This is one of the way to increase your traffic. Just a simple step and you can have your blog link on our blogroll and you can apprear on our member's blogroll.

Just tell me your url and blog title and you will be added. Don't forget to copy & paste the code below to your blog. If not how you know you are inline with us? :D

< language="”javascript”" type="”text/javascript”" src="”">< /script >

Remember to edit the above code before you publish it. You should ignore or delete the space between the < & >. For more details, please refer to Blog of the day Project.

*P/S: Thanks to msau who help me on this. Chooi Peng, well done!


mott said...

Hi..I see you're doing PPP. hahaha!

You add me...I'll add you.

good luck!

Michelle Wun said...

Thanks for the invitation.

Anonymous said...

This information is not true