Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shall I Retain Existing Phone Number?

Bro in law suggested to subscript on Unifi. We all wish to have a smooth and fast online access. I do agree to upgrade from current Streamyx to Unifi but I am concerning now whether to retain my existing phone number.

To sign up the Unifi package, Telekom will give us a new phone number. We do not need two phone lines at home. My existing one will be an extra for sure. I did ask but Telekom do not have service of retain the same phone number for the new Unifi package holder. I think it is probably because of the cable or wiring system and connection is different.

I do not have a record of where I had registered or sign up with my current phone number. This line has been used for many years. Even though I did provide my mobile contact number but once this local phone line disconnected, that means whoever contact me only with this land line phone number will have no chance to reach me anymore.

Let's double confirm with Telekom whether they provide service to inform the caller about the chances of phone number. I did come across this at some big firm like banks. No sure whether home user can enjoy this facility. Else, I have to consider between paying extra of RM26.o0++ every month to maintain the current phone line or just disconnect it.

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