Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miss Him So Much

Miss my bro so much suddenly.

He decided postponed his plan to back home this year. He changed his schedule and will be back only next year to save his annual leaves and also to save money as well.

I know dad's decision has already spoiled his investment plan. Being a responsibility son, he has to do something and make sure dad is happy. Maybe I think too much, but I feel his disappointment....

I really hope one day we can go over and meet him at his workplace. From our home fly over to his country where he works now to check out how his life is working at a foreign country.

Without anyone taking care of him and lives independently, will he keeps his chef aprons and clothes well or he will just let all spread like mess just like what he did at home?

Sis likes a maid and gets used to treat him well at home. How about the life without a 'maid' at foreign country? He told us he knows how to take good care of himself but we wish to go and look at ourselves.

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