Friday, April 6, 2012

Scare of Dentist

I am headache every time I need to send elder princess to dental check up. Her next appointment to see dentist will be a month later. This time she will be check by a specialist. I know I must send her in to make sure her teeth can grow healthy.

I had tried many ways to keep her calm and make she feel relax before we go but still, when reach at the dental, she will started nervous and cry.

I am not sure why she is so worry. Even I told her all the equipments in laboratory furnaces are not for her; dentist is to do checking, no extract, no pain at all but she just scare of dentist.

Without her co-operate, dentist can not do anything. I really worry will her next visit successful.

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Dental Implants New York said...

The incidents which you are describing with your child is very much common. There is nothing to worry about it, once she becomes older she will understand all these eventually.