Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homemade Furnitures

My dad was a carpenter. Even though he is retired but still he loves to make and create furniture by his own.

To me, the folding chair was a big project. He successfully finished his action plan with the help of one of his friends. The fun part is they done two same design folding chairs and each got one. Those are wood folding chairs which curve at the sitting place and it can extend and lay on it like a bed.

My princesses love the wooden one level medical step stool. To them that are their special chair. I still remember the first time when they saw the chair, both of them started argue because of the stool. They keep arguing who to be the first who sit on the chair and later on keep complaining why their sis sits there for so long. And finally that was a good experience to teach them on sharing. :P

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