Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is the most horrible name to my elder princess. I rely no idea why she so scare to see dentist. I already motivate her always and keep inform her there is no pain and only checking but still, she will cry and refuse to go for tooth check.

Her teeth are seriously problems and I have no idea why those baby teeth can keep for so long but those new teeth keep on pop out. For sure we need to spend to correct the position of her tooth.

We met out hubby's cousin who working in government dental last few weeks and she asked us to see her at her clinic and propose to write us a referral letter to see specialist in government clinic.

According to her, at my elder princess age of 9 now is the best to do the correction or adjustment. We have to take her advice and hopefully elder princess will cooperate with us to make her teeth in good posture.

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