Friday, December 16, 2011


Am I recovered from back pain? Not really.

Pain has gone but the uncomfortable is still there. Chiropractor told that is because the damage of my nerve. To improve it, I have to take Vitamin B12 capsules, prevent prolong sitting and keep on exercise.

Too bad my weak body cannot stand for the heat after Vitamin B12 intakes. I can feel the relief of the uncomfortable on my right leg after taken the capsules twice daily but I will get sore throat and even fever, this cannot avoid no matter I drink how much of water.

I have to stop consuming the capsule until I recovered. This cycle happened on and off makes me feel so frustrated.

I tried to break and rest as doctor advised during office hours and this is the best I can do.

Exercise? Always fall sick makes me no energy to do it.

How long will it takes to fully recovered? I have really no idea!


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