Saturday, December 17, 2011

Money Money Come!

Year end is time to spend.

I have not brought any Christmas gifts for my two little princesses. Money has to be ready to spend for coming Chinese New Year clothes, ang pow and home decorations. Besides, back to school purchase list included school uniforms, new school shoes and etc. Besides, the regular yearly insurance premiums for whole family will be due soon.

Wow! How can I pay all that? Previously I can rely on company to pay bonus so that I will have extra income but this year I cannot dream this at all because I only join this company for one month plus. I think if I can get an ang pow of RM50 will be very good already.

This is the worst condition after money gone to back pain treatment for more than a year.

This is a very good example for you to take good care of your health!

The only dream that I have now is money comes from the sky! LOL

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