Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sick Woman

My colleague falls sick again. It seems like she has not fully recovered from sick and now fall sick again.

Her working schedule is very full. This is the working condition in my company. No one is free and busy till we seldom go washroom or drink. This is no good to our health at all but every one is full loaded in the nine hours a day.

Back to this sick woman. She has been instructed to travel for some assignments and work like a dispatch lately. Often travel under such bad weather is not a good thing. Then she told us she has to handle all the planning, designing and costing of her new house renovation. I do believe it is not any easy task to deal with suppliers and contractors for quoting. I heard she just confirmed with the contractor on the quick step laminate flooring. To rush for completed renovation and move in to new house before Chinese New Year, she treats this as priority of course. It is not easy to be a superwoman, that's why she falls sick easily. *sigh*

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