Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lazy Day

I saw the thing that I wish to purchase is tagged at lower prize now. I had cut the newspaper promotion voucher and intended to buy it today since this is the last promotion day.

Wish to go shopping but lazy to go out.

Princesses wish to go out of course. I am waiting for hubby to come back. If he comes back early and still have energy to go out with us, then we will go out. If not, then we all will stay at home.

Purposely go shopping mall just to buy one item, I think it is better let hubby makes the decision whether to go out or not. :P


Actos Injury Lawyers said...

If that thing is at a price much lower than the initial one, than you should go out and buy it, especially if your desire for it is big. That's what i think.

Rob Benwell said...

Let hubby make the choice...^_^