Wednesday, June 22, 2011

System + Internet Down

I am not sure is it because of the merging work in progress effected the network cable wiring and now every one is complaining can not access to system as well as internet.

Our office is so packed now after office merging. They are now doing the system merging where the databases have to be group under one server. We seldom have the problem of system connection failure and internet down at the same time but this happening now. Since the merging is down by our software guy and our computer technician specialist is not here, we can not get the answer by immediately knowing what is going wrong.

Can not correspondence to colleagues through internet, can not access to system is it means that we can have a rest? Some are feeling good as they have excuse to stop works and relax. What about me? I still have to do my filling. No chance to rest. *sigh*

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