Saturday, April 2, 2011

Short Trip

We are happy to stay one night at the beach resort now. Tomorrow is special school holiday and we decided very last minutes to go for a short holiday. Two little princesses are the happiest one. We have fun today enjoy at the swimming pool with children playground. Day time passed so fast and two little princesses play until exhausted. The place is quite and we are like the owner of the beach. I think there is only not more than 5 family is staying at the resort for the night. Both of my princesses are out of energy to continue playing but still nagging to sleep late. We do find a fire pit at the field of the resort but no body is using it. If we do prepared at earlier stage, maybe we can have more fun during the night time.

Anywhere, we should have a good sleep tonight and re-charge our energy. Tomorrow will be another good day for us to enjoy the water and the pool facilities.

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