Monday, March 28, 2011

Who will be on Focus?

Sis complained that she will need to wear an ugly dress for her friend's wedding. Her friend who will going to marry in May, had brought bridesmaid dresses for all her bridesmaid. All of them are her best friends since primary school. This supposes to be good news as they can save the cost of buying dresses but all of them just don't like the dress that she chosen.

The bride-to-be will wear her wedding gown in white. Then she picked a sexy short shirt in red for her bridesmaid. The bride-to-be claimed that she will be the unique one and all will focus on her. But my sis asked, what will be when all eight red sexy bridesmaids and a bride stand together? For sure those bridesmaids will easily catch people's eyes. Then the bride will be out of focus. Some more the dress design is too sexy and red in blind. My sis totally can not accept the concept and the dress design. I just can not wait to see how it will be on the day. LOL

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