Monday, March 28, 2011

Communication Problem

I feel helpless when I talk with her. I find that it is difficult to communicate with her. Whenever I wish to express my points, it seems like she has other way of thinking and can not get my point.

I know the gab between she and me is big enough because I am not at her level. I don't mind if she has no intention to pull me up. But I feel that she is like pushing me away. This makes me feel that I am far away from what her thought and I can not find a clue or even can not understand what she trying to do.

As a team, I strongly believe that all of us should in the same motive and same line to work. There is no point to work as an individual where every one having different of mindset and motive to finish one job. A bit time wasting and no co-operation at all can not be called a team.

I should find more ways to get closer to her mind. Try harder and see how close I can follow her steps.

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