Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine's Day Planning

I just noticed that 15th of Feb is public holiday. Then I decided to date hubby to celebrate Valentine's Day. I do wish I can receive sweets for Valentine's Day from hubby this year. But I am sure my two little princesses will be happier than me when the sweets received. I wish I can have a romantic lunch or dinner with hubby in a western restaurant nearby on that day. Since it is public holiday on the next day, I don't mind to celebrate it one day later. I am planning to let my two little princesses stay at home enjoy the sweets so that I and hubby can enjoy a romantic and good meal. ~Selfish mom. LOL

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Mia said...

I haven't made any plans for V day, but i think that i would prefer to stay in and cook something nice. I have to admit that i haven't done this in a while. And maybe see a good movie.