Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bye, Uncle!

I have taken four days Emergency leave for my uncle's funeral. Monday to Thursday continuously forget all the tension and busy work schedule, just to concentrate on his funeral.

I don't want to remember the name of his death sickness because I don't want to imagine the pain. I asked and know that he was not suffering long period of pain before he leaved. But is it the true? Only he will know and we got no chance to ask....

70 years lived in this world, is it enough? Single, no family member's care and concern. We only meet him few times during the past ten or even twenty years. He chooses to be independent. With all the difficulty, he preferred and he selected the way of his life. Shall I feel sad or happy he is such a tough person?

I can only meet him in my dreamland. Uncle, will you come and let me know how your life is in the heaven?

May you rest in peace!

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