Monday, October 18, 2010

Lesson Learned

I am regret now for the spending I did when I have extra money. I suppose to save the excess rather than spend. I do agree that every one need to pamper themselves for all the hard works done. So, I spend the excess fund to contribute myself. But I really regret for what I had spent. I suppose to spend on gold bullion rather than those wasting items. If I had made the right decision at first, I will have no regret because I can get good returns by selling it now.

Oh, I really need money now! My pocket is totally empty as all money gone to the chiropractor pocket. I have no more savings now. This is a very good life experience learned. Always keep some fund for health. We don't know when we fall sick. We don't know how much we need to spend to get back the good health. So, spend on the valuable items when you have excess money!

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