Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cell Phone

My sis is asking whether I want her current cell phone as she is going to buy a new one. Instead of trade in with cheap price, she prefer pass to me.

I am comfortable with my current cell phone. Even though hubby, my two little princesses and my sis did complained my cell phone is useless.

The cell phone I am using now is very cheap when the time I brought. Moreover, Mobile store is selling the same model with even cheaper price now. I always having trouble of low in memory, the model is not come with slot for memory card. :p

Maybe I am lazy. This is the only excuse I can give to myself. I feel hassle to store over all my contact saved in current cell phone memory transfer to new cell phone. If my sis willing to help me on this then only I will consider to take over her current cell phone. LOL

1 comment:

Cell Phone Monitoring said...

Nice choice rather must say nice deal for taking her current phone. but one thing you never told, is she giving it to you for grant or she is selling it to you?