Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's time to wake up

I must change. I promise to myself.

It's time to wake up. I can not continue giving excuses to myself be patient with what I believe. I feel more and more unsecured with the current condition now.

I give so many times to wait and see will the situation changed as what I believe before: when the situation become worst, some one will realized and changed.

Looks like I am wrong. I am disappointed with the condition now.

It seems like I am the only one who worry. If people don't care, no matter how worry I am, people will not care at all...

So, I make up my mind on the spot. I can not wait anymore. I must change my mind from the minutes onwards. I can not depends on what I believe anymore.

I must be independence and no more depends on what I believe before because the fact told me that I will never get what I believed.

Pray hard for a better tomorrow for myself!

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