Thursday, August 26, 2010

Play till Exhausted

I always query myself am I doing the right thing and this is one of my questions always in my mind after bring my princesses go out.

Children enjoy playing. Children are happy when they have fun. They can play non stop if that is what they love to play. Finally they are exhausted. Bring them go out to enjoy is great, this is for sure. But what will happen next?

My princesses will be lazy to brush teeth and wash before go to bed because they are too tired. Then they will need more time to re-charge energy and cause of late to school on the next day. I am sure a child with no good energy in a day will be very bad no matter they performance or their attitude.

I will not stop to bring them out for fun, this is for sure. But am I doing the right thing? I am still query.

Oh. Maybe I should thing how to stop them playing but not exhausted? LOL

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