Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be a Boss

My friend is planning to start own business. Be a boss is better than under employment. This is what her believe. I think she feel bored to continue working long hour at office. She works as a secretary. She got chances to explore her talent to deal with sales and marketing job scope after the big boss assigned her to handle a newly open education business.

She handled the job very well. I do believe that this is the motivation and encouragement for her and started planning to be a boss. Her communication skill is great. Besides, she has a very good sense of humor. This is why her network is very strong.

She shared with me that she is considering in few different trading businesses. She manages to get good price of Dodge Challenger accessories , bird nest and coffee. She is planning to be a distributor and supply to oversea. She targeted China market since she has friends there who will be her business partners.

With the trading experience, she wishes to be a boss rather than working under employment. Working under employment she can only earn commission as extra income but her duty is like a boss of the business since she done all the necessary jobs from planning, marketing, promotion, sales as well as customer service.

I admire people who dare to try. She is lucky because the opportunity is there. I wish her all the best!

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