Sunday, May 30, 2010

Investment Plan on Hold

I do aware that all the money I save, I can not just save in the bank for low interest return. Then I save my money in fixed deposit account for higher interest rate. But this is not enough. Looking towards higher return, I started to invest money into share market. Of course I have no much time to manage and follow up those stocks pricing up and down, so I decided to invest in unit trust which I pass the hassle to the fund manager.

Then I learned that we can not put all the eggs in one basket. So I look for other investment plans. Diversify investment can reduce the risk and perhaps getting much better in returns. My friends are talking about investing in gold. I know this is one of the good in return investment but I have to on hold my plan. I can buy gold coins anytime as long as my slipped disc sickness recovered. For my situation now, I have to make sure all my liquid assets are ready for me to kill the pain. Without good health, I have no chance to enjoy the good wealth. Pray for my recovery soon!

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