Friday, April 2, 2010

Money or Healthy

I always feel bad when I force to wake up in the middle of night and finish my jobs which meet the deadline. I need to do so because I wish to earn more. The more I done the more I can earn. As long as I got the chances, I need to spend times to finish it on time.

Unfortunately I have no good body health. I will be easily fall sick if I have not enough sleep or rest. Then I am afraid that all my extra income will go to the doctor's pocket.

I wish to be more financial freedom, so I work hard. Because I work hard, I might love my health. If I lose my health, I will lose my money. If money lost, how can I be more financial freedom?

What a bad cycle!

Shall I continue motivate myself to work hard?

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SmartLIpo said...

Well..Both are really important to life. If you don't have a single from both of it. You never satisfy with your life. anyway different people have different issue on this matter.