Friday, April 2, 2010

His new Hobby

My hubby is a busy guy. As I told you before, he is a photography fancy who is so crazy to shot. He likes to join all the activities related to photography. Some times photo shooting activities will be more importance than his full time job. He even will apply leave to shot if he likes the photography event.

Because of this hobby, his schedule is always full. His wife wants to ask for a date, will be the same like others, and have no exception but to make an appointment with him in advance. *sigh*

But I am happy because hubby willing to stay at home recently. I found that he is more interested to play Free Online Casino Games. I should thanks to his friend who recommended the Free Casino Games to hubby. Now the time he spends at home is more than the time he goes out to shot.

This is a good sign as I no need to worry he is always not at home. For me, always outside means he got more chance to meet new friends. Then he will have more chance to meet them. Then I will have less chance to see him. Then our time together will lesser. More over, I just afraid he will be 'steal' by other woman. :P

I have to thanks to Free Online Casino. Because of the attractive games, I gain back my hubby. Even thought he is always facing the computer, as long as he is at home, I am safe.

But I start another worry now. He will have more exercise when he went out to shot. Now he spend long hour playing games non-stop. He even waits and expects me to serve him drinks and foods and he is not wiling to leave his computer chair at all. This is not a good practice at all!

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