Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Gain Weight?

I am worry with my body health now. It is too often all my friends who meet me recently told me that why I look too skinny. Yes, I know I am skinny. This is the fact that can not change. But I think I am a bit abnormal now since every one talking about the same thing.

I did check my weight yesterday night. Luckily my weight still maintain at 41kg. This means that my sickness last week do not drop my weight. I fully aware I must keep my weight up but don't know why I can not break this record successfully.

I am checking on what supplement I should take to gain weight. I manage to find muscle supplement reviews but of course I may only need this when the time I got enough weight to built up muscle. For the time being, I really need something to boost up my weight. Any tips you can share with?

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