Friday, March 5, 2010

Enrollment for Year 2011 & 2012 In-take

Times fly. It's now the time to enroll of the Year 2012 primary school intake for my younger princess.

I totally forgot about this. Luckily my elder princess gave me a notice from her school about the enrollment period. It's normal start from 1st of March to end of March every year.

My younger princess born at Year 2005 and she is now enroll for Year 2012 in takes. I did ask and confirmed with the school that after this registration, we will no need to go to the school for re-registration next year until we have moved. Only those who wants to update their residence address details are requirement to go back for registration if they have already registered now.

Since my elder princess is studying in the school, I think there will should be no problem for the enrollment of my younger princess.


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