Friday, March 5, 2010

Colorful Uniforms

I thought all uniforms for doctors; specialists or nurses in hospitals should be in plain colors. White is the comment uniform's color of course. But I did saw some are wearing in green and blue as well. But if you asked me is there any different between those nurses wearing in green or in blue. I have really no idea at all.

Do you ever see nurses wearing colorful uniforms? I am so excited when I stumble to Scrubs and Beyond. At first I thought this online store is selling fashion clothes. Then I only realize that this is a medical scrubs uniforms online store.

Look at those koi scrub pants. Since I have no idea about this brand name before, I thought this is just as same as those normal online fashion stores. Then I discovered those colorful koi scrubs. Honestly I love colorful dresses. Especially those printed with flowers are my favorites. I am tempted to check more details and found that the designs are nursing scrubs.

I blame myself for my low English level. Anywhere, now I am wondering will our country having such a modern minded hospital management to change the nurses uniforms to koi uniforms. If so, I am sure this will be a good respond revolution. I will be the first one agree with this. :P


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