Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why she act like this?

I did share with one of my colleagues about the prediction of a Feng Shui Master for the increase of gold price in Year 2010. I told her that I am interested to have a try on gold investment after I read the prediction. I told her that I have no knowledge about how to trade gold as well as where to buy gold bullion at my country. I don't even take any actions to get started since then. I never thought that this information sharing will give me trouble.

She 'assumes' that I had already invested to gold after my sharing with her. Even thought I had already told her few times honestly I have not take any action yet but still she just doesn't trust me. The worst is, she spreads it to my other colleagues on and off. Her sounds like I am so rich enough to invest in gold. This is the worst that I never expected.

Why she acts like this? Why she doesn't trust me when I told her the true? Is she jealous or envy my ambition? *Sigh*

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