Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Praying 2

Why suddenly so many bad things happened in our office?

That day a new colleague who joined us for not more than 3months told us that he will go for his 3rd brain cancer operation. The next day one of our colleague’s father falls sick and was suspected caner on his leg. Then lately one of our management colleagues forced to take leave due to her husband suffered from heart attack.

Bad news happened continuously. The 1st case has done this operation successfully but we still not sure how great his condition now in hospital. The second case, my colleague is resumed to work and her father is waiting for the result of how far the cancer spread to.

For the third case, the operation scheduled next two weeks. She is still on leave to take care of her husband.

Pray hard for all of them. Life is full of unexpected. Remember to keep up your good health.

Be appreciated with what you have and always be happy!


receive large files said...

So much of bad things going around you, I just hope things get better and good health for everyone.

Joan Nieri said...

It is true. No one is going to get out of this life alive.

However, I believe that the intelligence responsible for all of this has it handled.


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Martin said...

I do hope that these people do get better. I am reminded of this quote:

"The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil"