Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pottery Supplier

I just can not stop myself surfing at AMACO/Brent which an online company selling pottery related products.

I fall in love with this pottery making since the day I watched the movie titled 'Ghost'. Probably you will have the same inspired when the moment the couple making pottery. If you have no idea about this movie, I will say either you never have changes to meet this classic love movie or you are too young. lol

The company selling lead free majolica glazes. This is the one that every consumer prefers the most, don't you agree? Maybe the price will be slightly higher than other supplier but we do concern about the good quality of a product we buy. No point to waste money on health harmful products with cheap prices, right?

The company is selling full range of pottery supply. From the pottery making materials, molds, glazes, to pottery wheels, tools and equipments, you name it and you can get it here. I am surfing the slump molds page and it is a surprise I found the cute numbers and alphabet drape molds is one of their products. For sure this is a very cute decorative item on a pottery.

I still have no chance to learn how to do a pottery but I manage to find a pottery art learning class. Let's see when I manage to join the class and have some fun of pottery making.

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