Thursday, February 25, 2010


After Chinese New Year, there will be some expected changes going to happen. Colleagues leaving is one of them.

Many people will wait until getting the bonus from their company then only tender their resignation. And this always happen after Chinese New Year especially in Chinese bosses company because Chinese bosses will distribute boss only before Chinese New Year.

This is a realistic world. Bosses expected the best contribution from their staffs. The same thinking happened to the employees. We are under employment and we are looking for the best that the company can give to us.

Bonus, increment and promotion are employee's wish every beginning of a year. For sure this is the bosses problem as well. Bosses decision are always put their business interest in the first priority? Some bosses take good care of their staffs. But most bosses never worry to get new staffs for replacement.

There will never be enough. This is not about greedy but we all are looking for better tomorrow. There will be few colleagues going to leave us soon....

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