Monday, February 8, 2010

Award Winning Toys

One of my colleagues is selling education games for kids and adult. I am really excited to have a try for her products. I brought one for try few months ago. I thought I can finish it fast and continue purchase the second game but unfortunately things just goes unexpected.

I believe those Award Winning Toys are good in quality. Some more the price is reasonable. This is the reason I brought the game. I do wish to give the best to my princesses. :P When I got the game, I played with my princesses together and it's no doubt that they enjoyed the game very much. But too bad that is just for the beginning stage.
I think both of them having the bad habits of no good patient. Of course every child is happy when they get a new toy. But how long they will play the new toy? So you know now what is happening. lol
This maybe depends on how fun the toy can bring to the kids. Or is it different kid having different character? My younger princess is still very fancy with her Baby Toys. She is still enjoys playing those infants toys until today even she is already 5 years old now. But my elder princess seldom plays toys. She only plays when my younger princess asked her to play together. Some more she seldom plays toys alone.
Anywhere, I still will try to continue buy Learning Toys to my princesses especially those IQ games. I would like to train them a bit since young so that their IQ will not as bad as their mom.

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