Thursday, December 10, 2009

Online Study

What's the best way for a working mom to continue study? My colleague is complaining her daily tie schedule but her boss is asking her to further study and get a degree.

Why still complaint? This is the first question I asked. She is the lucky one as her boss fully support she goes for further study which not every bosses will be the same. I just recommended her to check with Western Governors Online University (WGU) for an online degree.

Yes. I believe online study is the best way for her to get an online business degree. The flexible time table is the one that she needed. Why WGU? Not only they are the non profit university which offers low tuition but I personally like their encouragement to students who work hard. The faster the students can finish their degrees, the more they can save. Students only need to pay for the time they taken to complete their degrees. Don't you think this is a great deal?

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Luigi | said...

This is a good encouragement. Mom should pursue this kind opportunity. Thank you for sharing a wonderful post.