Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Kitchen Sink

I am wondering the reason why I don't like my kitchen. I stay next door to my in law family. Since mother in law cook every day and her kitchen appliance and tools are full accessories, it's so convenience. So I take the opportunity to use their kitchen. :P

Today I only realize that the one of the reasons I don't like to use my own kitchen. I got a bad design sink. I thought all the sinks are the same until I discovered American Standard sink. Actually my requirement is very simple. As long as it can fit all my dishes after my meals, and the more importance is, when the time I wash, my cloth will not be wet. My sink is not deep enough.

Maybe my skill is really bad that I can not handle properly how to avoid of wet my own cloth when I wash but if I have choice, I will prefer to buy one that is deep and big enough so this problem will never happened.

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CurlyJane said...

I have to admit, although i don't like to cook i like to have a nice kitchen, just to have a nice corner to enjoy my morning tea.