Sunday, November 1, 2009


From the first day I know her date of birth, I am comparing myself with her.

Both of us had born in the same month. Her birthday is earlier than me about 2 weeks and we are same age.

She is still single and working in high position in my company. I will always wondering if I am her, if I am at her position, how I will be.

I am not jealous or envy of her career or her pay or her position or her knowledge or her skill. I am just query what I will do if I am her at her level.

Honestly, I feel luckily for whatever I had and I am enjoying now. I even feel that I am lucky at my current position as I have not much pressure compare to her. :P

Less pay means less responsibility and it means less pressure. I feel thanks God for what I am now! :)

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