Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boyish Princesses

I though my two little princesses are girlish. I am wrong since the day baseball equipment ordered online reach my home. I had already warm hubby not to buy as I don't agree that this game is suitable for girls. But hubby just ignored me.

He claims that he wishes to create opportunity to our two little princesses to involve in all type of sport game. Education is from the young age. No matter the activities are suitable for boys or girls, he just wishes to let our two little princesses learn on each and every game that he knows and the most importance thing is he is willing to spend times teach and play with them.

Shall I say his idea is no good? Can not. I already foreseen the worst will happen when our two little princesses playing the game and I am totally right.....

Baseball is absolutely fun when playing on the field. And we are happy to bring them out and playing the game with them outdoor under the sun. Our two little princesses enjoy the game very much. They playing the game just like a boy, rough at all the time.

But can you imaging kids playing the game indoor? This is my main problem now! *Sigh*


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