Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waste Money or Take Risk

My friend did discuss with me about her trip scheduled next two weeks. She planned her trip half year ago. This suppose to be a happy waiting trip but due to nowadays virus H1N1 spreading anywhere, she is little nervous now whether or not follow her planned schedule.

At first, I am concern about the money she spend and the time she invested to her trip itinerary. I have the same feeling with her and fully understand her disappointment if the big family trip can not be goes according to schedule. But when I think further, I am more concern about the risk of infected virus.

The country that she will visit soon is a high risk country. My advice to her now: we can earn back the money wasted. Don't take the risk and try you luck. I don't know how complete the necessary safety tools that she well prepared for the trip to prevent themselves from the H1N1 virus, but I do believe that if you can avoid the thing happen to you, why must take risk? Better be safe than regret!


msaufong said...

I am feeling insecure in our country more than going oversea now!! Action taking by our county to prevent/rescue AH1N1 cases is much terrible than other country. Do you notice almost 100% of case happen now is from local now? I didn't hear it come from oversea anymore. *sigh*

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