Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Regret

I am disappointed when I know that I have no chance to serve my part time company anymore. It has been one and half year I work as a part time worker after I leave the company. When the time I leave, the company is facing critical financial problem which I force to tender my resignation.

They do not need a high paid accounts executive but they still needs advices and helps to confirm all the transaction are in order. I believe I had done all my best to serve them.

After the boss taken my advices on the step of debts recovery and by the help of debt collection agent, the business started boost up this year. And now, he is recovered. From the day receiving reminders, calls for debts and legal letters everyday, now he is enjoying peaceful life.

I feel disappointment because I lost my part time income. On the other hand, I am happy to know that this company no longer needed my helps and support anymore because I am successfully done my jobs.

I believe this is the realistic of life. One is valuable when he or she is in needed. But I never regret to contribute all the jobs I had done.

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